02 March 2008


Yes, it is true! Myself and teenager daughter have been sick with the flu for the last several days! Coughing, Coughing, Coughing and yes, more coughing!!!!!!!

Hubby and Son and Oldest Daughter and Friends are going to the Chicago BlackHawk's Hockey Game today and Emily and I were supposed to be among them, but due to the "coughing", did I say we can't stop "coughing"?!?!?we didn't go! So....I should be in sewing room finishing up some things and starting on others, but here I sit at computer! Did I tell you I am sick? Oh, yeah, right the coughing thing...well was at the local Walgreens and picked up this adorable card! You can just imagine why I was at the drugstore (coughing thing, remember), and anyway, I think "Owls" are the NEW THING, because I keep seeing them everywhere...on fabric, cards, paper...you get the picture...so I thought, maybe I could sketch this picture and make into an adorable wallhanging! Sounds like a plan!! OK, now to post picture so you can see it...

Also, if you have been following my previous posts, Oreo (my black lab) is doing much better!! Surgery went well on his paw, all the tests came back negative - GREAT NEWS! Only problem is still trying to get him to go out with baggy on his paw, so that bandage does not get wet...will post pictures of my "Baggy Dog" so you can see he is NOT very happy with me.

And, MOM LOVED HER QUILT!! It has been delivered to her and she has it at the foot of her bed, so when she takes a nap, she can pull it up over her and be snuggled in by my Aunt Lois!!

No new adventures on horseback because....you got it right - the "coughing thing"!!!

Take Care to all of you in Blog Land (can you tell I have been in the house way to long!?!?!!?!?)