27 February 2008


Oreo had surgery yesterday on his left paw and am Happy to report, he is HOME!!! He does not like, however, the white sock I had to place over his paw, so that, he will not eat his bandage off! And then, I was told by Vet that when he has to go outside, I have to place a Plastic Baggy on his paw to keep dry!?!?!? Tried that, well, let's just say he tore it off before he got out of house, so now we are going through Socks!! Each time he goes out, old sock comes off and new, dry sock is placed on!! He is such a trooper! He just kind of looks at me with those big brown eyes, lays down and lets me keep putting socks on his left paw, probably thinking, "what in the world is she doing to me now"!?!!?!? Wouldn't you love to know what dogs think? Maybe, Oreo is thinking I am trying to teach him how to skate on one paw across our wood floor or maybe, he thinks I am trying to dress him up...I don't know, what I do know is that he just licks my hand everytime I place a new, dry sock on him and then ofcourse he gets a special treat! Oh, the life of my dog, Oreo!