08 December 2013

Kate & Chris, The Wedding :)


DSC_0305 This is my daughter's wedding: Kate & Chris My son is next to my husband, Dave & I are next to Kate, my other daughter is the right of the Groom- Emily was the maid of honor ...my Mom, Anrita is being held up by the groom and my 3 sisters, she is 90 and soo happy that she made it! Please keep my Mom in all your prayers, she has not been well, since the summer and is failing.... Still sewing the quilt in header, on block 3 - YEAH, only has taken me two years so far and still counting! ARGH!! Can't get moving over here, kind of Stuck! :( Well,hope everyone's christmas shopping is hassle free and stress free, keep smiling :) Hugs, Mary


  1. What a fine-looking group! (Are you in the photo? I tried to find you and couldn't.)

  2. Thanks Pat, just love you! Hugs, Mary