30 July 2013

July 30th can you believe that????

Hi fellow bloggers:

I have been on vacation and planning for oldest daughters wedding so am just posting some pics to let everyone know I am still alive.....We went to North Carolina again, oh I just LOVE it there, so enjoy...there are pics of the ocean of course, and myself and two daughters, my son and my hubby with my brother in law....we stayed right on the ocean, I am almost sure this is what Heaven is like!!
My girls were doing some Pilates moves on the beach so snapped that one too!

 Then when I came home, these had arrived in the mail....Kate's wedding shoes, sooooo me being me had to dig up her baby shoes and I think the picture speaks for itself....oh now I am starting that cryi

ng again!!

Oh how times flies...hope all of you are having beautiful summer days,