05 March 2012

Yes, my sewing room saga continues...

Hi everyone,

I have missed not blogging these last couple of weeks, but I really had to get ahold of the mess in my sewing room...so now, everything is done, color coordinated fabrics....the only thing I didn't get done was my Sewing Desk!  That is the last to get done as I am trying to organize all the projects (namely 6)that are particially done...so more to come, but this is what I have done so far.  I even have a project cork board with the latest projects on....Exciting...

Yes, I even have some new flowers too!!!  All the bins have books on one side and magazines on the other. 

So, what do you think...


Mary  :)


  1. Mary, you have LOTS of fabric! I see a couple good looking applique projects. The block with the rabbit is one you need to work on now since it is soon to be spring. The pomegranate block looks very good. Did you find lots of things you had forgotten about?

  2. Looking good! It makes me feel like I need to get organizing.