14 March 2012


Hello Everyone,

I normally do not like Batiks...it's just a personal thing, but am making something for a friend of mine and all she likes is Batiks so I had to go searching....then buying.....because I could not find one batik I owned...so here is the first block:  now the next few blocks will be yellows and greens and pinks and more purples....so will keep working.... 

  Then, I want to make a queen size quilt for a very, very special someone in my life....(more info to come) and she likes "Bohemian Style furnishings".....so, YES I WENT SHOPPING FOR MORE FABRIC!  There I said it!!  I know, I know, after 1 1/2 months of cleaning out my sewing room you think I could have found Batiks and Bohemian Fabrics, but NO....so this picture is the quilt I want to make, although I don't have a pattern...but I think I can wing it...  So here are the fabrics that I picked, so far....the middle one is the background fabric and the surrounding fabrics are going to be the pinwheels, although I think I need more solids ...but this is what I have so far...I think the background is too dark, so may switch that, but I have a whole year, so ....what do you all think????  I bought mostly Kaffe fabrics (wow are they pricey), but beautiful,

Well, have a great day everyone and it sure it great to be back sewing in a room where I can walk around in,

Many hugs to all,