17 November 2011

Thursday....What I Am Thankful for Today!

Hello Fellow Bloggers,

What I am Thankful for today...

This should have been the first one....really Thankful For a phone call from my youngest away at college, Emily...called just to talk, spent an hour on the phone while getting ready for work...I am blessed because what 18 yr old calls their Mom just to talk, Thank you God for Emily, Kate and Mike!!  :)  my three special blessings...

1.  Sheep - now I know you think I have really lost it but on my way to work today I passed a small farm that had sheep grazing in the field and I thought "Oh how cool"!!!  I live in the suburbs south of Chicago, so we have little pumpkin farms and stables that you can go horseback riding, so to see Sheep was really something I thought!

2.  Moisturizing Cream for your legs

3.  A Warm Car - cold here this morning in the 30's

4.  Warm Kiss from my Cooper

5.  Smiles - I went into Panera again today, like I do everyday to get my British Breakfast Hot Tea, and I purposely smiled at everyone I came in contact with, today some smiled back some just looked at me, but it made me feel good smiling :)

6.  Clothing - A warm sweatshirt I am wearing today, I am thankful for that, some people are less fortunate.
So then I started thinking about all of the people that don't have warm clothes for the winter...

7.  Radio in car - was jammin to Taylor Swift and Kelly Clarkson!!

8.  Sun, Sun, Sun love the Sun, let there be light!!  That is my motto - don't care that it is cold...just please God make the Sun come out and it did!!

9.  Anyone reading my blog and commenting - Thank You :)



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