14 November 2011

Starting a new project....

Hi everyone or whomever is reading my blog today....

Pilates in the a.m., then ran errands then started on a new project...  Cut out background fabric and realized I didn't have enough..oh I hate that, but found new fabrics that I liked better...so made bias strips and traced pattern pieces..this one will be hand pieced.  I like hand piecing it relaxes me so am trying to get this together for the next week to work on.  Lately, I hate watching TV without something to stitch in my lap so that is what I am up to...

What are all of you working on??

I also want to update my blog I feel like mine is too clutered,  but don't want to pay money to have someone design one, so will be working on that too. 

Well, that's it for a Monday, will post pics when I get pieces basted down.




  1. I've been in the car for the last two days so I've been working on embroidery and applique stitching. I get to start a new quilt tomorrow with Kaffe Fassett stripes and my fingers will get a rest.

  2. Oh I love appliquing by hand...and I just LOVE Kaffe patterns and fabrics!! Hugs, Mary