20 November 2011

Food for Thought - Happy Sunday

...A  young boy was walking home from Sunday School when he cut through a park to get home quicker.  On his way through the park he remembered a Chocolate Bar his Mom had placed inside the pocket of his jacket.  On removing his candy bar, be began breaking off a piece when he noticed an elderly lady sitting all alone on a park bench...At first, he thought the lady looked lonely, so as he got closer to her, he thought "maybe she would like a piece of my candy bar", so he stopped in front of her and smiled and offered her a piece of candy.  The lady accepted with a Smile....He then decided to sit next to the lady and together they shared his candy bar...never speaking a word, just smiling at one another.   When the young boy was done, he Smiled at her and she gave him her best Smile back.  As he entered his house, his Mom greeted him and asked, "Why do you have a Big Smile on you?"  The young boy replied, "I just shared my candy bar with Jesus"!

...The Elderly Lady went home and when she entered her home, her Sister asked her Why do you have a Big Smile on your face...the Lady replied "I just received a candy bar from Jesus!  She then told her sister, I thought Jesus would have been much older, but he wasn't he was a Young Boy!

Moral of the Story,  we find Jesus in the poor, the lonely, the elderly, the sick, the imprisoned and yes, Children!

I truly believe this with my whole Heart!  We don't find him in material things or status, we only find him in helping others...think about it...that is where Jesus is...if you are looking....



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  1. What a wonderful story and you are so right with your concluding comments!!!