08 October 2011


I am soooo excited:  Heard from everyone - Yeah and we even have one from across the Pond - AUSTRIALIA!!

Now we are up to 8 ladies

Remember check out each other's blogs to see what they like (if they have a blog) if they don't email them and ask them - also blog about what you are making and why you choose one particular way or style and anything that makes your piece unique for your partner.  Also, when completed include a note to say who you are and any other info you want to share. 

I love swaps as they connect all of us on this big bouncing ball we live on....our art is ourselves and sharing is so important!!

Have Fun, don't freak out, you are putting a part of yourself out there for someone else and that is BEAUTIFUL!!!!

As for me, I have already begun my small quilt...I am not using a pattern I kind of made one up and turned out really cute, so am building on that...will post small pics when I have enough done....Good Luck everyone and as always just email me if you need Anything...email:  coolmommary@fastmail.fm.

Thank you in advance for participating in this 1st Small Quilt Swap, if you ladies want maybe after christmas we can do #2???

Lots of Quilting Hugs,

Mary  :)   :)    :)    :)    :)


  1. I just discovered your blog and small quilt swap. I am starting a linky party on Monday's for little quilts. I hope you will show your little quilts when they are finished, and maybe I can join your next swap : )


  2. Oh Definately Elizabeth!! I'm will keep your name for Swap #2! Hugs, Mary

  3. Could you send me the info so I can get started? Not sure who my partner is or the blogs I need to look at.

  4. Crystal I need a valid email address, please email me it because I have all your swap partners info, I don't want to post it on my blog for privacy reasons, Thanks, Mary