06 September 2011


Hi everyone,

Where has this summer gone...seriously, I want it back!!!  September already and today it feels like fall in Chicago!    Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!

Was just wondering does any of you quilters know of any quilt swaps that I could join....???

Just wondering....

About three - maybe four years ago I had a really terrible experience in one - seriously - they sent my quilt back to me - wasn't what the lady wanted and they didn't like my machine quilting...so I received it back - quite humiliating, so was just wondering if any of you have had good luck with any swaps?  I still have it that quilt sitting on my kitchen table and I just love it - but, whatever...any info would be appreciated.

Thanks and Hugs,

my email is coolmommary@fastmail.fm if you want to talk privately.  Thanks!


  1. Oh my that is just shocking... I have had a few err swaps last year which almost made me stop joining..and have just recently participated in a few and my spirit is back.I have admired oyur work through your blog and i think if someone sent an item back to you they were not worthy of it,to me swapping is the joy of making something for another and receiving a like minded item in return,cheers Vickie

  2. Oh Thank you Vicki!! I agree with you - my experience was horrendous, believe me...well, maybe I will start one on my own! Hugs, Mary

  3. How sad and shocking. I don't know of any swaps probably because I am not ready to be in one at this time. Too busy with other stuff.