02 February 2011


Hi Fellow Bloggers, it has been awhile...busy working BUT today everything "stopped" in Chgo...our first 19" of SNOW...Emily off of school, Mike off of Work and Dave closed down Business, soooo everyone was HOME!! YEAH!!! But, my friend, "Cooper" just LOVED it! Here are some pics of Cooper having fun in the snow....oh he met up with one of his little friends in the neighborhood while out...running around crazy, even thought he could "burrow" through....got tired decided to lay down, oh back up, Emily is coming out to try and make a snowman, well, it turned into a hill...so put our Blackhawk Gnome on top and Cooper decided to see if it was edible....more fun...
Hope everyone is safe and warm out there, nothing is moving in our little suburb so of Chicago,

everytime she got one level up on the snowman, Cooper knocked it down, so we went with the "hill Gnome" theme

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