15 October 2010


Hi fellow bloggers, TGIF!!!! What a week!!?!?!?!?!?!? REALLY, what a Month!

Hubby's business is moving - we are finally breaking away from his brother - shocking, but it is a good move for hubby! What does that mean for me, well, I will be working again...this time I will be a part of the business. I don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is what it is. Stop The Insanity

I really hate when people say "it is what it is", what does that really mean????

Tonight is youngest' homecoming dance - so will have lots more pics tonight.

Middle child is coming home from college to celebrate 2 yr anniversary with his girlfriend, Angie - she is a SLU, so she is coming home too.

Sat night we have tickets to the Hawk (Hockey) game and Sunday we get our picture (family) taken with the Stanley Cup, WOWOW aren't you excited!!! Can you tell how much I am!?!? Bored!

The Hawks don't look to good so far this year, so we shall see, sooooo

am leaving in a little while to get youngest - Emily updo done for dance!

So total Mom duty this weekend, YEAH!!!
Cooper went for a car ride today!! Slap me I am just way too excited!