17 August 2010


Hi Everyone,

Today my son went back to college - he is a Senior! Wow, this summer sure has gone fast. I will surely miss him as he is my daily dose of much needed laughter in my life! My youngest starts her senior year of high school on Friday - time just keeps marching on....A Mom's life is in constant state of change, I realized. Some changes are good, some are sad, some are needed for kids to grow, but I can tell you I don't like change! I really don't. I don't think I will ever get used to changes - makes life interesting and all that, but I really wish I could just slow down the big clock sometimes...

Sunday was a Beautiful day so I put Cooper's little pool out for him to cool off in, well, he had other plans. He just wanted to lay on the grass staring at the house with the 5 little kids across the street who play with him. They were not home, so he waited out there very patiently, I of course was taking his picture and HE was trying to ignore me...Yep, he thought if I just don't look at her maybe, just maybe she will stop taking my picture.... little did he know... oh he tried to sneek a peak at me and I got him!!

Then Mike and his girlfriend, Angie pulled up and forget the kids across the street - THEY ARE HOME!!! So Angie tries to get Cooper in his pool...then Mike, then they decided to stay in Cooper's pool for this shot - Aren't they soooo CUTE! Just had to share these pictures, Cooper did finally get in the pool with Angie and then we had dinner, so Cooper had to get out and dried off, it was such a fun day!

Now, Angie leaves for SLU on Saturday - she will be a Sophomore in the Nursing program and might study abroad in Jan in Barcelona, Spain - so proud of her, she is just as smart as she is Beautiful!!

Well, I hope your August is slowing down and you are having fun with your family, the flowers are in full bloom around here, so that is nice ,

Butterfly watching Labor Day Beach In The Pool Sunburn 2 Lot of Hugs,


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