03 February 2010


Yes, I have been sewing since Christmas and have been working on finishing up the blocks for my Missouri Daisy Quilt - had 4 more to do and ta-da..... so now for the FUN part...I am going to see how to set these blocks, one idea is to cut all the material left over that I used for Stars and Daisies into strips and use those to square off blocks, OR I could just "butt" them together like in the magazine OR I could use just one fabric maybe the yellow and make one single fabric to set blocks in...humm decisions, decisions... what do you gals think???

This is going to be not as big as the one in the magazine - more like a throw
quilt for a very, very special young lady - it's supposed to be a surprise, but I think she knows - here is her favorite Missouri Daisy: Putting them together should go rather quickly - it's just the deciding how to place them and what I will use - sashing or no sashing,
Well, got a run...

Hugs to All (especially you Angie!!)

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