15 November 2009

Sunday Ramblings...more daisies


More Missouri Daisy Blocks: The above is what I have done 9 pieced blocks. I want to make 12 blocks all together - see I am making it smaller, so here is what I have worked on today... Am machine piecing these "darn" y-seams, I tell you if I never see another y-seam it will be just fine with me...I really like the red circles fabric (see below), but I can't find anymore of that fabric, oh well.. so the sewing and cutting continue... oh the sewing, ripping, sewing, ripping, well you get the picture... here I am trying to piece on machine (yes Y-Seams, UGH) not a pretty sight, but have to get these done so I can start hand piecing the squares and triangles. Then to place yellow center on each one...okay so now once I sew the center this is what they should look like, pretty right?And ofcourse my blog wouldn't be my blog without a picture of my pal, "Cooper" watching me move from sewing room to ironing board and back again... Isn't he getting big?? I don't think he likes it when I take his picture, but he just goes along with it...can't help it, he's my baby!

Well, happy Sunday and off to sew more,


Blow Kiss


  1. They are looking lovely Mary...
    Yes, those y-seams are not fun to do, but it will be worth it!
    Julia ♥

  2. It's nice that you are sticking with it...some might have given up by now!

  3. Mary I love your work. Oh yes, those Y seams are not fun! This is going to be fabulous though. I love the centers.

  4. Wow so many points in those flowers. You do such a good job. They look really good.

  5. Hallo Cooper,

    du bist ein so süßer hübscher Hund.

    Deine Betty