15 November 2009

Sunday Ramblings...more daisies


More Missouri Daisy Blocks: The above is what I have done 9 pieced blocks. I want to make 12 blocks all together - see I am making it smaller, so here is what I have worked on today... Am machine piecing these "darn" y-seams, I tell you if I never see another y-seam it will be just fine with me...I really like the red circles fabric (see below), but I can't find anymore of that fabric, oh well.. so the sewing and cutting continue... oh the sewing, ripping, sewing, ripping, well you get the picture... here I am trying to piece on machine (yes Y-Seams, UGH) not a pretty sight, but have to get these done so I can start hand piecing the squares and triangles. Then to place yellow center on each one...okay so now once I sew the center this is what they should look like, pretty right?And ofcourse my blog wouldn't be my blog without a picture of my pal, "Cooper" watching me move from sewing room to ironing board and back again... Isn't he getting big?? I don't think he likes it when I take his picture, but he just goes along with it...can't help it, he's my baby!

Well, happy Sunday and off to sew more,


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