11 November 2009



I got these done and will be making more today...Have been bitten by some flu bug so will be trying to get more of these little babies done today! Just wanted to show you what I have so far...I am machine piecing the larger star but then have to hand piece the little star and y-seam (white) corners and triangles, this is by far the hardest top I have ever made! I don't think I will be making another one as it is very time consuming, but I tried sewing just by machine and those blocks were horrific!! So, am back at the hand piecing. The original quilt has 28 stars but I be very lucky if I get half that much done - then how I am going to set these stars is another thing. The original pattern has them sewn together like below (even though mine aren't sewn together yet) but you get the picture. I have a couple of ideas what to do but have to get the rest done.

So stay well, everyone - I am coughing up a lung over here and I got the Flu Shot in September (not H1-N1) but the regular flu shot - I don't think it is working?!?!??!

Sick in Illinois,



  1. Your blocks look great! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  2. Sorry to hear that you are under the weather. Hope things get better soon!
    The blocks are very interesting looking but do look like they would be a bear to piece.