11 August 2009


This summer I have not blogged a lot because each month has brought so many changes...In June my daughter, Kate, graduated from College. This was a "biggee" for hubby and me since we never went to college, so to see your first child graduate was such an awesome, thank you God moment for both of us. She graduated with honors and pride just isn't the word I would use as to how we felt...as she received her diploma all I could think about was the little girl who at ag
e 3 received her first pair of pink round glasses because she had astigmatism is both eyes, of the "Barney" backpack she wore proudly to First Grade, of her cheerleading years in Junior High, all the years of tumbling, her High School Pom Team (which I coached?!?!!?), that Yellow, yes Yellow Jeep - her first car that she worked to pay for during High School, her H.S. Dances and Proms, all the Memories sweeping before me as I watched her clasp that Degree and of course the tears flowed freely down my face. I thought about Kate's inner drive, to go after everything she wanted giving 110%, that is Kate! All the while inside of my head I thought everything she had accomplished, I took each step along side of her in my heart.

Then came at the end of June
her Graduation Party where 80 of her friends and relatives came from all over to eat and dance under the white tent in our yard.

That was June....

Then came July....

On the 4th of July, Mike turned 20 years old! 20 I just can't get my head around that number...wasn't it just yesterday when he insisted on the ice cream cake with the cone sticking out of the top of it for his 5th birthday...when he loved Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers. Wow how life has changed. His sense of humor always keeps me laughing even when you are not in the mood, he can make you laugh until your actually silly! Mike went through so many changes in Middle School and then High School and now to look at him, taller than my Husband and me, healthy (Thank you God) and going away to college...yep, today is the day we take him downstate to stay in an apartment with 2 of his friends to start his Junior year in College. The last two years he commuted to a college near home, but today he is leaving to go away...and it is especially hard because his girlfriend leaves next week for an out of state college - she will be a freshman. I have grow
n very fond of this young lady, they have been dating since last fall and to see them both together just makes my so happy. She went on vacation with us this summer and I will truly miss her too! Last night I had to say goodbye to her and it was very, very hard. She is a beautiful person that when she enters a room, it just seems to light up!

How will I be able to say goodbye to Mike? I won't, a Mom just can't say the sad, sad word. But I will say call me, text me, make sure you study hard and stay away from drinking (like he is going to listen!?!
?!, I know) and most importantly, that I Love Him With Everything Inside of Me, all of it...after all your children, oh yeah Young Adults, for a Mom they will always be a part of me, they grew inside of me afterall, they are each an extension of yourself.

Motherhood is a special gift God unselfishly gives you and I cherish all the time I have with my kids, they are the Best accomplishment I could have ever done.

This was my summer...Kate and Chris, Mike and Angie and Emily on vacation, what a picture!!!

And now it is August...Emily starts her 3rd year on the T
ennis Team in High School, she is a Junior at the same school Kate and Angie graduated from and in November....drum roll here, Emily will start driving!!!!?!?!??!!?!? So, another change, big one, she will be driving to school, no more meeting buses! Emily loves bands - music, marches to her own beat (especially with the black streak she added to her hair this summer) and has the bluest of eyes that could knock you over, and has a softness about her that I hope she always keeps. (that is Mike in the background making a face!!, here I was trying to get a close up of Emily when Mike stuck his face in, just like Mike!!)

So I haven't gotten any sewing done this summer, have been too busy being a MOM. I have read a couple of books worth noting, "Mermaids in the Basement", "Gallway Bay" and now am currently on "Secrets She Left Behind" oh and one I forgot " The Guernsey and Potatoe Peel Pie Society" - all of which have been very good reads.

Once August is over, I will get back to the many, many projects I have waiting for me, my "Missouri Daisies", "When the Cold Wind Blows - am still working on Block Two" and some others that have been collecting way too much dust!!!

Thanks for reading my blog, sorry I haven't been posting...will try to get my act together soon!

Many Hugs,