26 May 2009


Hi Quilting Bloggers,

May has flown by as I continue to work on Block One from the book, When the Cold Wind Blows by Alma Allen and Barb Adams. I am almost done with the first block, here are some pics... I am hand appliquing and am still 1 month behind (class is currently finishing up Block Two)...I only work on it at night while watching TV, so it is a slow go for me, but very relaxing. I have the right hand corner to finish and the Brown Vase and then I can move on to Block Two.

While taking a break last night, I took some pics of my Son, Mike and his girlfriend, Angie - they are tooo cute!! In the last picture I think Mike was gritting his teeth at my, so I got the message and left them alone and ofcourse, snuck one of Cooper... he likes his picture taken and just look at the size of that bone! Okay, I put my camera away (for now atleast!!)

Happy Tuesday everyone!Memorial Day Female Salute

Hugs, Mary