02 April 2009


I have just downloaded a bunch of pics that I have taken during the week.

The first one is of our snowfall last Sunday, woke up to a Winter Wonderland.

We are due to have more tonight, lovely, lovely Spring we are having here in Illinois!

Then, I was going through my stash of fabrics and found these really adorable prints...Now I don't know what quite to do with this fabric...does anyone have any ideas????

Then Today, Thurs, met with my mom-in-law and sister-in-law with my Mom and took these pics.... ?Aren't they Sweet...My Mom is in all pink and Dave's Mom is in Red. Robin is Dave's sister and her and I are 2 yrs apart. She and her other sister, Carolyn look alot like Dave! What a sweetheart, she takes great care of Dave's Mom. Well, that's all from me for now, waiting on the snow, working on a Barb and Alma applique project and as really, really, really, waiting for Spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOTS OF HUGS, MARY