08 September 2008


Yesterday, Sunday, Hubby put shelves up in my Sewing Room. Oh, I was so excited as now, for about the 10th time in my life, I am trying to Organizing my Sewing Room. Actually, it is more of a Fabric Room with a Sewing Machine in there, somewhere! Lately, when I machine sew, I actually disconnect my lovely, beautiful Pfaff Sewing Machine and cart it over to the Kitchen, where there is lots more room on the kitchen table! The only problem with that is, yes, the threads. Oh, tons of threads that my puppy, Cooper, thinks are little goodies sent down from the "humming thing" on my table. So, have decided the Kitchen Table is not a good alternative. Grudingly, I cart my Pfaff (did I mention it is lovely and beautiful) back into the room I call my Sewing Room. Where I am cramped stepping over the 100th project. Said project is ready to go, has fabric and book, just needs Time. That elusive "thing", Time.

So, Sunday, Hubby put up nice white selving all around the top of the room, except over the window (could not disturb the beautiful balloon valance). Oh, how excited I became. Started dreaming of all the Room I would have, so the process of putting fabric, books, projects, large bins, small bins, patterns (the kind that come in those neat shiny sleaves, that fall no matter where you put them) began.

BUT, before I started my actual process of organization (did I tell you I really don't like to organize, takes too much time out of my precious day) Hubby suggested to JOG two miles up and out of our subdivision. Now here I should explain that my Hubby Jogs every other day and that last weekend, our oldest, Kate, completed her first marathon called "RELAY FOR LIFE". This marathon was 6 miles and oh yes, I was so proud of her! As soon as I get her picture from the race, I will post it! It was sponsored by "NIKE"! My 15 year old, Emily, also jogs, but uses our treadmill in the basement. So, I thought, sure, I can do this, afterall, I was always athletic in grammer school. We did not have a lot of money, therefore, I bicycled or ran to friend's houses. Also, I beat my fellow classmates in 8th grade, in a race around the gym (although, I can not remember how many times we actually ran around the gym), but this particular time, it was girls against boys. And I was the only girl left to run the only boy left and I beat him, no less, with literally one shoe on. (Did I mention I was the tallest Girl in grammer school, maybe that attributed to my running record, I don't know...) My other shoe fell off as I ran, but didn't matter, I won! So, jogging two miles with hubby, No Problemo!! In fact, I go to the gym twice a week and do stretching and strenghthing classes, with weights no less (5 lb's ers in each hand), so really, this was going to be a piece of cake.

We did our stretching outside of our garage and walked two houses and then began our little Jog! OH MY GOSH!!!! For some reason, I didn't hear my feet running, they were "plopping" on the hard concrete. Feet are not supposed to sound like that when you run, atleast, from what I can remember from childhood memories. But I ENDURED, after Jogging three more houses with Hubby next to me, I, SHORT OF BREATH, PUFFING, waved him on to keep up his pace and I followed. Well, as soon as he turned out of our subdivision, I fell to a fast walk...arms in the jogging motion, legs in a wide walking one! I then periodically, once my heart started beating right, began to join the jog again, until my sides were hurting which was very shortly after I began again, so back to my wide walking with arms flaying! Oh, I could see him in front of me, WAY in front of me, so I began again and kept up until he got to the 1 mile mark and turned around, so I began to jog again, thinking, "he'll believe I have been jogging all along"! But then once again, fell to my fast walk thing, waving him to keep on going....Oh the humiliation!

This is what I learned, Never Assume Anything! Never, Never run with your mouth open, as I know I swallowed as least one bug! Never run when you "think" you are in good shape, even though you go to the Gym twice a week. Never run when you are, Yes, a "Smoker"! (Embarased about that one). And finally, the Flopping of Feet is never a good sign, I don't think I was running right or jogging or whatever we call it! Always Pace yourself. For someone who is 5 ft 9 inches, my legs have a pretty good span, so don't run like someone is chasing you. Although, I do have to say, I could see my shadow and my Pony-tail looked so coool swiching around on my head. But, don't be concerned about your hair when jogging! And, don't under any circumstance, Jog in a Sweatsuit!

Now that I got that all out, here is a picture of my "jogging shoes". Ugly aren't they! Well, they are good enough to work out in as I do my "stretching and weight lifting" two times a week, did I tell you this already? But, here are a pair of my "REALLY HOT SHOES", one's I really feel like something in, Ok, I feel "Hot" in! They have "GOLD 5 " HEELS", (not real Gold), but Oh the beauty of those shoes! HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!! Now, not many people can wear those shoes properly, but I strut very nicely in them, I must say! I could be feeling really crummy inside, but on the outside, Oh I FEEL GOOD!! Did I mention they are "HOT", Oh Yeah, They Are. So, maybe I can't fly around the subdivision, but give me a pair of 5" Heals, and I can soar anywhere!