09 July 2008


Wanted to show my progress on my Missouri Daisy blocks, 2 completely done, 1 that needs a center and one that is almost put together...only needs triangle sewn in. I am doing these completely by hand and have found such a joy/peace in the sewing process. For sooo many years I have been sewing pieces by machine, that once I discovered I could control the setting of these squares and triangles by hand much better, am now loving it!! I won some of the fabric, so you can see am getting bolder with color choices! So my winnings have been put to good use. I intend to get another 4 cut out before I leave for North Carolina (Outer Banks) family vacation, so can do those in car or at night while listening to the Ocean...oh I am so excited about Vacation time!! Will keep you updated with more pics as I get them done.

I have to also start a baby quilt, as my husband's nephew is having a Boy, so need to get that done by the time the Shower is here...end of September! Whew it is coming up fast!

We have gotten soooo much Rain here the last couple of nights that yesterday morning, I was driving my daughter to the train (for work) and I saw a Rainbow in the So/Western sky! It was so beautiful and immediately thought of the color wheel that quilters use. Boy, God sure knew what he was doing when he created Rainbows, the colors just melted together from yellow/orange/red/blue/green and lastly purple...it was really pretty! I could not take my eyes off of it! Then last night, while watching TV (and sewing) I looked out of our family room window and saw "lightening bugs"...you know they fly around and light up, another marvel of nature. For some reason, I was really noticing nature yesterday, God you did Good!! Thank you for the show!

Oh, and yes I do have another pic of Cooper my Super-Puppy! Just have to love him! Am blessed,

Hope you having a great week,