21 January 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy Monday! Everyone is off today, due to Holiday! 18 yr old Son and 14 yr old daughter are still in bed and Oreo my black lab is resting at my feet, so thought I would start my very own blog!

Things to do today:

Finish stitchery "Let It Snow"!! Feels appropriate to do since it is very chilly outside! Finish up laundry and hopefully get some reading in. Currently reading, "Kite Runner", very good book.

Met with girlfriends over the weekend, have seen in a couple of years. Had a great time. The saying is true, "Girlfriends are good for the soul"!! It is sooo nice to see old friends and "catch" up!

Life is good! Thank you God!!

This is my first blog entry for the New Year! More to come...

Keep Quiltin' & In Stitches!!