27 January 2008


THANK GOD for weekends!!

Today my oldest is Snow Boarding in Wisconsin. Praying she will come home in one piece! Today after finishing one of my stitcheries (I hope that is what you call them), I am going to start Block One of "Leanne's House BOM" by Leanne Beasley. I love all her work and everytime I go on her website, I can't help myself...I want to buy all of her patterns!! I am waiting for Butterfly Garden which I ordered a couple of weeks ago so better start on Leanne's House before I get to far behind.

Lisa and Tamara have added you to my fav's for blog sites!!

Will be hand sewing tonight! YEAH!!

Yesterday (Sat) was horseback riding and this time I got to ride my favorite horse, "Rocky"!! He really got into Cantering, loved it, loved it! He also loved the Carrots I brought him, but then had to feed ALL of his friends who poked their heads out of stalls to say "Hi" to me! (Went through 2 bags of large, whole, carrots) LOVE HORSES!!!

See you tomorrow, Mary